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Seemingly Diametrical Films You Didn't Realise Had The Same Plot

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Maisie D

Man with way too much time and money watches the demise of those he brings into his inexplicably massive death trap

When I say The Wolf of Wall Street and Shark Tale, you may think the two films couldn’t be further apart. But, in reality, these films intended for very different audiences share, pretty much, the same plot. Without all the “this is for grownups” tropes, there is very little dividing them. As a culture, we have a fixation with death and money so there’s no wonder it translates into children’s media, too. So, here is a list of films that aren’t juxtapositional after all. I apologise in advance if I ruin any of your favourite films. Here’s the obligatory spoilers alert: spoilers ahead.

1. “Shark Tale” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Arrogant, money hungry man played by very well loved actor uses deceit to climb the social hierarchy and gets rich. He has a completely dimwitted best friend who also knows about his slimy ways and wants in, too. He cheats on his partner for a more conventionally attractive person. Man’s empire crumbles because of one stupid lie and he somehow manages to rebuild his life.

2. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Saw”

Man with way too much time and money watches the demise of the citizens he brings into his inexplicably massive death trap for his own benefit. It is impossible for his victims to escape, yet he is sadistically entertained by it.

3. “CATS” and “Midsommar”

Very strange cult adopts a new ingenue after her family is gone. Although you know the gist of the film as soon as the leads and setting are established, a lot of strange things you will not forget do happen. Coping with death is part of the groups ritual. Everyone dances ritualistically. The film concludes with a terrifying fourth wall breaking.

4. “Matilda” and “Carrie”

Titular girl is a socially disadvantaged student and has no loving family. She has telekinetic powers. Girl has strong bond with maternal teacher who takes the only serious interest in her. After a series of events that lead her to breaking point, she snaps at her nemesis by using her telekinesis in an event that definitely sparked law suits and a lot of trauma.

5. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Joker”

Man bullied for qualities that make him seem flawed accidentally starts a rebellion. He falls in love with girl who is not interested at all after one small conversation and imagines things. Man talks to himself and has no friends apart from manipulative guardian. The city rises against the upperclass. Man kills his once idol and the city descends into fire and disarray.

6. “Chicken Run” and “Sweeney Todd”

Society is being killed and put into pies by a couple who once seemed innocent enough. Woman gets put into the very machine she once used for said pies. One boy figures

everything out and is determined to save someone important to him. Somehow, a young couple emerges in love.

7. “Bambi” and “Bird Box”

Peace, order and stability is ripped apart by an entity we don’t actually see. Adorable children are adorable, but very clumsy. Parent is killed in an act of sacrifice by this entity. Shelter is found by a river at the end and the children have a hopeful new future ahead of them.

Who knew your childhood favourites were so warped!


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